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Products are available via Instant Download. A download link is emailed to you immediately after purchase. Once you buy a licensed product, you can also download it from the Customer Center any time.

All systems work on PCs running Windows XP or later. Will also run on Macs that have Parallels and Windows installed.

Life Frequencies Professional

Life Frequencies Professional

The World's Premier Alternative Healing System with over 700 Fast Rife Presets and a Clark Frequency Converter that adds thousands more presets for any imaginable health problem. You can use frequencies up to 100 Million Hz using the built-in converter.

Structure water an oils for making homeopathic remedies. Get pain relief with the powerful Dual TBSW system. Has features not found anywhere else, that can tackle the worst of health problems.

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Life Frequencies Millennium

Life Frequencies Millennium

Life Frequencies Millennium is a highly effective entry level Life Frequencies System with Rife Machine Plus built into it and a powerful TBSW system for pain relief, insomnia, rejuvenation and more. As with other Life Frequencies Systems, you can balance Chakras, use Ancient Healing Tones, use the Sweep Generator for finding you own frequencies.

Life Frequencies Millennium is affordable and makes a perfect, powerful home alternative health clinic.

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Rife Machine Plus

Rife Machine Plus

Computer-Based Rife Machine with features not found in other Rife Machines. Has a sweep generator and binaural beats system for pain relief and more.

You can get Rife Machine Plus for less than $100 and it has been known to help get rid of serious health issues in a matter of hours!

At such a low cost - there's nothing even remotely close.

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