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All of our software systems are delivered via instant download. After you purchase one of the systems, you are immediately sent a serial number and a link to download the software.

This new technology only requires a computer, speakers and headphones. Special algorithms in the software make this possible. No electrodes, script programming or part replacements necessary, as there are with conventional Rife Machines and other devices.

The systems are EASY to use. Most people are up and running within minutes, even with very little computer experience. No medical knowledge or experience is necessary. 

We also have a video on the Support Page here that will walk you through download and installation it in 5 easy steps, in case you are new to computers.


Life Frequencies Essentials - A Powerful, Multipurpose Alternative Health System

Life Frequencies Essentials

Life Frequencies Essentials is based on years of proven scientific research and technology.

Life Frequencies Essentials Includes :

Life Frequencies Essentials has features that no other Rife Machine or alternative health system can compare to. Powerful enough for major health problems, yet it's easy enough for anyone to use in the comfort of home.


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Rife Pro X2 - Use Your Computer as a Powerful Rife Machine With Advanced Features

Rife Pro X2

Rife Pro X2 is powerful, computer based Rife Machine with advanced features not found in ANY other Rife Machines.

Aside from being a powerful Rife Machine, you can structure water and oils for making homeopathic remedies and it has a TBSW system in it for pain relief, insomnia, weight loss, stress relief and more...

Rife Pro X2 Features :

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ZOGG is a FREE ogg audio file player for Windows computers. Ogg files are the native format for Android, but Windows has no built-in ability to play ogg files.

ZOGG - Free Ogg file player for Windows

Click here to download ZOGG - FREE

We're often asked the differences between Life Frequencies Essentials and Rife Pro X2. In a nutshell...


Software System Requirements