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TBSW Technology - The Basics

TBSW is bztronics technology that has found it's way into alternative health in a big way over the years. It can be found in anything from iPhone Apps to complex diagnostic systems. Here are the basics...

Customer Comments / Reviews

These are a few of our customer comments about the Life Frequencies and Rife Machine Systems we have. You can submit your comments via the Contact form on the Contact page.

Find Frequencies Using the Sweep Generator

All of the current systems we have, include a Sweep Generator, that sweeps through a range of frequencies. This short article gives you a quick look at how to use Kinesiology with the Sweep Generators.

Recommended Speakers and More...

We're often asked which speakers and headphones to use for frequency therapy and Rife work. Here is a list of accessories that you can get to use with your systems if you like.

Life Frequencies Physical Therapist Story

This was an inspiring story by a Physical Therapist who discovered the power of Life Frequencies. We certainly appreciate the time she spent writing and sending it to us. We hope you enjoy it.