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About bztronics

bztronics came into existence in late 1992 as primarily an advanced electronic hardware and software design company. We've been on the Internet since 1993.

Throughout the 90s we designed custom electronics, software and firmware for several corporations like Atlas Energy, Boeing, Imagineering, Lockheed, RayTech and others. We also had military and commercial aviation contracts around the globe. We were FAA Certified for all classes of instruments and avionics. We set new standards for the FAA and the aviation industry and some of our original concepts are still used today.

Since 1992, we've been well aware of resonance and Rife Technology.

In 2004, bztronics began extensive research into new alternative health systems using frequencies. Our initial success with results and field testing, shifted the company's entire focus to helping people and making life more livable. Since then, healing using frequencies has been the main engineering task.

The preliminary system was called AERT (Advanced Electronic Resonant Therapy). It was highly effective on numerous health issues, even back then. Our technology was then placed in the hands of doctors and scientists for further development and testing. This was followed by the first public release of the software called "Alternative Choice Rife Machine Software".

In 2004, we also began development of TBSW technology (Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves). TBSW is now being used around the world.

Through years of research and development, we've made the modern PC a valuable asset to alternative health. Our unique systems are unmatched in effectiveness, design and power. Rife and frequency systems that were previously thousands of dollars, became available to everyone.

With the company’s heavy involvement in electronic engineering design and core level programming abilities, we were able to advance on many concepts of frequency healing and Rife's original work. Our algorithms were the first that made using audio possible for Rife frequencies. We've also broken the barriers of making Rife technology EASY for anyone to use. Historically and even with many other systems today, Rife Machines need to be programmed using scripts or other tedious methods.

The primary focus and goal of the company is to get this technology in the hands of those who need it, at a cost that everyone can relate to.

The initial startup was in Reno Nevada. Later it was moved to Salt Lake City (Sandy Utah). We also expanded engineering and testing to Las Vegas in 2012.