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We've released The Rife Machine (2017). This Rife Machine is a combination of years of research. It's the first Rife Machine that has Scalar Waves. Scalar Waves were impossible to do in Rife Systems until now. The entire Rife Frequency list has been updated to 2017 standards.

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The Rife Machine

The Rife Machine (2017) is the latest Rife Technology available. It's easy to use with 1142 Fast Presets. All Rife Frequencies have been updated to the latest in 2017.

The Rife Machine is the first and only Rife Machine able to produce Scalar Waves for Rife Frequencies. This was not possible until this year. Scalar Waves make this system more powerful that Rife Machines priced several times it's cost. It has Modulation and new Harmonic Waves as well.

With advanced features like Structuring to make Homeopathic Remedies, a Sweep Frequency Generator to find new frequencies and the ability to run 30 frequencies at the same time - The Rife Machine (2017) is the new leader in Rife Technology.

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