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Professional Rife Technology and Frequency Therapy software used for healing, pain relief and more.

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Customers...We've added new information and new free bonus programs for you to download in the Customer Center. Special upgrade pricing from older programs going back to 2009 is also available now. You can also download the programs that you already own from the Customer Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Login to the Customer Center by clicking the Customer Login button on the top right side of this page.

Note * If you have Rife Pro X2 - Click the Version Tab in Rife Pro X2 and the Upgrade to Life Frequencies Pro button to upgrade to Life Frequencies 2017.

Energy Healing 101

Edgar Cayce and Charlie Goldsmith are examples of energy healers. Their work is (was) phenomenal. Is it a gift or something that we all have the God given ability to do?

We humans have survived thousands of years without big pharma and chemical drugs. Amazing isn't it?

Society and the mainstream media have most people believing that without drugs, we're all goners. This is not the case! In fact, I would make a point that chemical drugs have made the world a more dangerous place than ever. How?

Aside from the fact that opioid drugs are killing people at an unprecedented rate through addiction and overdose, modern drugs have upset the balance of the planet and human relationships with it. Specifically, drugs have caused dangerous microbes to mutate into unnatural forms that have become incurable. Examples of this can be found in MRSA, drug resistant STDs and many others.

Energy healing is natural. Everthing is made up of frequencies. So, whether it's Edgar Cayce or Charlie Goldsmith, the end result is a change in energy fields via a change in frequencies that make up the subject being healed. This also applies to NATURAL herbs, and on a more scientific level - Rife Frequencies. They work by changing energy patterns (frequencies) through resonance in the body to create a balance that promotes healing. And...

Most people have the ability to perform energy healing in one form or another.

The main problem is, most of us have lost our way. Not intentionally. By design. Society has been plagued by technology. That's one of the new real killers. Be it TV, cell phones or video games, we're in trouble! Sure, devices can all be used for good, but they're not in most cases. They are made to distract us from our real purpose in life.

Did you know that the average person checks their cell phone 85 times per day? I was shocked by that statistic that came out in 2017.

bztronics has bridged the gap with GOOD technology and brought healing back to the basics - energy and frequencies. We've made it possible for anyone to do it, as it should be.

Life Frequencies 2017

The New Life Frequencies has :

  • Rife Machine X7 - the world's most advanced, powerful Rife Machine with 1142 Fast Rife Presets and Scalar Waves
  • Manual Rife - Enter any frequencies you like and run them in several modes
  • Structuring - Structure water and oils with frequencies to make your own remedies
  • TBSW Pro - You can use TBSW Waves for pain relief, insomnia, weight loss, stress relief and more
  • Chakra Tools - Energy balancing and health system to revive your energy centers. Feel 20 years younger...
  • Ancient Tones - Special healing frequencies and waveforms used throughout the history of making
  • Sweep Generator - Find new healing frequencies!